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Airports in Australia

Australia has many airports all around the country, with 13 main international airports. These airports welcome hundreds of thousands of passengers each and every year. Especially Sydney Airport as it is labelled the largest, busiest, and overall main airport of the country. Here at ParkCare, we offer official and independent parking at these Airports - as well as Airports in New Zealand. And whilst organising parking we have learned a lot about the history of these many amazing airports, which you can read all about on this page. If you have questions about our service then please visit our FAQ. Or to learn about how our site works then check out our How It Works page.

Adelaide Airport:
In 2019 Adelaide Airport had 8.5 million passengers, making it the 5th busiest airport in Australia. The history of the airport can first be dated back to 1921, where it was used just as a connection between Adelaide and Sydney. Fast forward to 2005, and Adelaide Airport becomes a huge hub for both international and domestic flights.

Ballina Byron Airport:
Ballina Byron Airport is located in New South Wales, and is owned by the local council. It is mainly used by the people of Ballina and Byron Bay. The airport is only 34 years old, and welcomes about 300,000 passengers a year - so considered to be significantly less busy. However, each year it progresses with new extensions and facilities being added.

Brisbane Airport:
Brisbane Airport has a fascinating history to learn about. It can be first dated back to 1925 when it was called Eagle Farm Airport. Which is where the ground-breaking and interesting events of 1928 took place. Two pilots, for the very first time, flew over the pacific ocean from the US to Australia. After the 21 hour flight they landed on Eagle Farm. The airport was then used by the Royal Australian Air Force before and during WWII. So, in 1947 - after the war - the airport was then returned to being used for Brisbane. As it was placed under control by the commonwealth. Following on, many famous names have been seen travelling to the airport such as Queen Elizabth II and even The Beatles.

Looking at the airport’s success now is highly impressive, as it welcomes around 17.6 million domestic passengers each year, and 6.2 million international passengers. It was also voted as the Best Airport in Australia in 2016, 2017, and 2018. These highly impressive statistics highlight the airport's booming success. These large numbers of passengers can also be intimidating - especially in regards to parking. Which is why it is so amazing that we can offer pre-booking for a bunch of car parks at Brisbane Airport. Such as; Andrew’s Airport Parking Brisbane and Portside Airport Parking Brisbane.

Cairns Airport:
The 7th busiest airport in Australia is Cairns Airport, which is located in Aeroglen. Its history dates all the way back to 1928. However, similarly to Brisbane Airport, it was used by the RAAF during the second world war. Then during the mid-60s the airport began reconstruction and some major upgrading. It then officially became an international and domestic airport in 1984.

Hobart Airport:
In Cambridge you will find Hobart Airport, which was first opened in 1956. It was initially run under the name Cambridge Airport, but as it expanded and air travel increased this name was changed. The international terminal was introduced and opened in 1986.

Launceston Airport:
In 2008 Launceston Airport hit a record (from previous years) of having 1.1 million passengers. These booming years of travel for the airport has made it Australia’s 13th most busy airport.It has just as long of a history as the others, with its first official opening date being 1927.

Mackay Airport:
Mackay Airport was first established in 1927, and was also used during the second world war. Afterwards, the commonwealth government took control and upgraded the airport. Mackay Port Authority eventually then took over this responsibility. Today it can be seen as a popular international and domestic airport that welcomes around a million travellers each year.

Melbourne Airport:
Perhaps, one of the newest airports is Melbourne. As it was first officially opened in 1970, and has now been working on connecting Victoria to the world for over 50 years! A hugely popular and successful airport that has over 12 million passengers a year. Making it the second busiest airport in Australia. Although you do not need to worry if you have a flight upcoming from Melbourne Airport as you can book parking in advance on our site for one of the amazing parking providers we offer; Andrews Airport Parking, Jetaway Airport Parking, Melrose Airport Parking, and many more!

Although not as old as the other airport, the history is still incredibly interesting. This is because the airport has been home to many experimental flights, and has welcomed many famous names. For example, test flights between Melbourne and Singapore & New York to Melbourne were conducted from this airport. As for the famous names, the 1970s saw ABBA and AC/DC use the airport. Highly recommend reading more about this airport's history.

Newcastle Airport:
In New South Wales is Newcastle Airport. The airport was actually first opened as an RAAF site in 1947. Where it remained under complete government control until 1990. This is when the current owners (Newcastle City Council and Port Stephens Council) took over. The airport has always been mainly used for domestic flights, but new upgrades opened up new international travel.

Perth Airport:
Perth Airport offers international and domestic flights, as well as other general aviation. It is the fourth busiest airport in Australia. The airport was first used for civilians in 1944, back when it was called Guildford Aerodrome. Following on to the 1950s, this airport was still only used by a small percentage of nearby civilians. It wasn't until the 1960s when domestic and international travel was offered that it really boomed in success. The airport now has many major flights running, such as Emirates Perth to Dubai. So if you need parking for your next flight, be sure to check ParkCare for the amazing deals and low prices we have.

Sydney Airport:
Although last alphabetically, Sydney can not be forgotten as it is considered the main airport of Australia. In just the year 2018, Sydney Airport welcomed a large number of passengers. Totally up to nearly 45 million. Interestingly, in the same year, Sydney Airport had almost 3 million passengers just in the month of June. Most of which come from terminal 1, which is international travel.
Upon learning and researching about this airport, one fact stands out. Sydney Airport is one of the oldest continually operating airports in the entire world. Its first recorded flight can be dated all the way back to 1919. As the airport is so extremely busy, it does make finding parking a challenge. Which is why we have attached some parking provider options; Sydney Air Travel Parking, Sydney Airport Express, & Park ‘N’ Fly Sydney. ParkCare lets you book in advance (saving you money and stress) and only offers the best price. So start your journey right with care-free parking at such a busy airport.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Parking at Sydney Airport

Yes, you can book your parking spot in advance with ParkCare. Online reservations offer convenience and peace of mind, especially during busy travel periods. Additionally, you can benefit from lower costs of parking if you pre-book.

Short term parking is typically more expensive than long term. This is due to the proximity of the car parks to the Sydney Airport terminals. Long term parking provides budget-friendly choices for extended stays. By using the comparison tool, you can easily find out the prices for your specific travel dates, no matter how long or short.

The only free parking available is in the waiting zones or the express pick-up zones. This is designed for quick pickup or drop off, and it is only free for 15 minutes. If you stay longer than 15 minutes you will be charged. You can avoid these high fees by using the comparison tool. We will show you the best rates for all the available car parks.

Absolutely, a lot of the Sydney Airport parking providers have electric car charging stations. You can find out which specific car parks offer this by visiting the parking provider's profile page on our site.

To find the most budget-friendly parking, first consider booking in advance on our site. Then we recommend comparing the different rates offered by different car parks. Typically, Park and Ride Sydney Airport offers the lowest prices for parking, because the car park is located off-site and a shuttle bus is needed. You can also visit our Sydney Airport parking rates page for a full overview of costs and pricing.

The specific security measures in place depend on the parking provider itself. You can find this information out on the profile page of any car park. However, in general, surveillance, security lighting, and patrols are implemented to ensure the safety of your car.

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