Is the total price of the booking all I have to pay, or are there possible additional costs?

ParkCare offers a platform for parking providers to offer their parking services. The price that is displayed during billing is made up of the price charged by the parking provider for their service, including a commission share for the platform and also tax. This price is the final price for the booked service, for which there are no further costs at checkout. However, the car park provider itself may have surcharges for certain exceptional circumstances, such as; arriving late at night, oversized cars, additional people, or oversized luggage being transported in the shuttle bus. These additional costs usually relate to circumstances that mean extra work for the car park. Those additional costs are charged exclusively by the car park, without any commission to our platform. For this reason, these additional costs are paid to the car park provider itself and typically have to be paid on-site. Another possibility for additional costs is airport tax put in place by the airport you are travelling from. These additional costs are based on airport regulations and cannot be influenced by either our platform or the parking provider, and must be paid for any parking offer at the airport. To find out whether your parking provider or the airport charges additional costs, please look under 'Additional Information' on the car park profile page. There you will find a list of all possible additional costs and their conditions.

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